Supreme is the result of a cooperation of a varied and strong partnership where 4 vocational colleges, an incubator, an EU VET association, a SME association and a policy maker work together.

FC is a large conglomerate of vocational educational centres established in 8 cities, providing education towards young scholars, adults, and newly arrived citizens in the Netherlands at 18 locations. Cooperation with businesses and service institutes has a high priority. Another riority is to change the way of teaching by providing a more or less individual approach towards students instead of offering generic educational programmes. Knowledge and competences of the students should be relevant and recognizable in the eyes of SMEs, sectors and organisations.


Together with SSVE Institution ROC Friese Poort and Stenden University of Applied Science, FC developed a program called MentorProgramma Friesland (MPF). MPF allows SSVE students to be supported by a mentor outside the school, with a broad work-, study- and life-experience. MPF has a strong network of 200 companies that provides the program with mentors. Also MKB-Noord (SME Interest Group) is closely connected to FC.

Inqubator Leeuwarden is a place where people can start up their own enterprise. Inqubator Leeuwarden supports start-up entrepreneurs and opens its network for their benefit. All different kinds of people enter: students, women, unemployed people, etc. Focus of Inqubator Leeuwarden is on helping starting companies to firmly establish their business and to help them maximize their growth over a maximum period of four years. To this end, Inqubator Leeuwarden offers own office space and shared office facility in which (student)start-ups can work on their business model can get advice on how they should proceed in the development of their business and follow all kinds of workshops. Inq Lwd has an extensive network of SMEs and is very well connected to banks, venture capitalists, (pre-)seed funds, business angels and the public sector and gives the start-up companies advice on how to obtain these kinds of financial support. Inqubator Leeuwarden coaches start-up companies in areas of sales, marketing, intellectual property, accountancy etc.

Salpaus Further Education arranges vocational and upper-secondary school education and training for comprehensive school leavers and adults together with training, development and related services for businesses and organisations. The number of VET and further training students exceeds 19 000 per annum of whom 4 880 strive for a vocational qualification and more than 200 for an upper-secondary school diploma.


One of the objectives defined by the Lahti Educational Consortium is to provide education for the whole generation in the area. Therefore special emphasis is, for example, placed on ways to promote student involvement and increase student success rate.

Salpaus is a strong example of the well developed Finnish educational system, that is based on openness and internationalisation. Salpaus is a front runner on cooperation with SMEs and other innovative ways to
(in the end) get good student results.

Learn from each other

Friesland College 

Mentorprogramma Friesland

P.O Box 45

8900 AA Leeuwarden

The Netherlands


C: Mrs. Szilvia Simon

S: szilvias3 

T: +31 58 284 2547



Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Growth

Inqubator Leeuwarden

Emmakade 59a

8921 AG Leeuwarden

The Netherlands


C: Ms. Erna van der Werff

S: erna.van.der.werff

T: +31 58 845 8045



Skills for life and life skills

Salpaus Further Education

Teinintie 4

15200 Lahti



C: Mrs. Kaisu Nyman 

S: kaisu.nyman

T: +358 50 502 0690



ETIC is a professional & technical school providing training in the areas of Image and Communication: Animation; Graphic Design; Equipment Design;Photography; Multimedia and Video/Audio. As a professional school, we provide 3-year courses, fully recognized by the Ministry of Education and corresponding to secondary education. After having successfully accomplished the course, students may choose either to take in a high degree in an University or begin their professional (technical) career. As a technical school, we provide 1 or 2 year courses, recognized by the Ministry of Labour. These courses aim at providing or enlarging technical expertise of students, most of them already working in the chosen area and are required to have accomplished secondary education.


Since 2000, ETIC has received as host partner: students, teachers, VET professionals from Denmark,
Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Estonia, Slovenia and Finland
in many EU projects.

Kaunas vocational training centre of social services and construction business specialists is a VET institution that qualify skilled workers. It provides quality initial, continuing vocational and general secondary education that satisfies the requirements of up-to-date professional activities and changes of the competitive labor market. The training is provided according to 23 licensed training programs. KSM was founded in 1986. Nowadays KSM has 77 teachers and over 1000 pupils. Most of them in the fields of: decorator; masonry and concrete worker; joiner; building restorer; provider of construction business services; building thermal insulator; furniture maker; social nurse. 300 of the pupils have special needs, they follow studies like: decorator, joiner, weaver, light clothes tailor, cook, foot-wear mender. KSM has experience in LdV, Grundtvig & ESF projects. A previous LdV Partnership involved the “dropping out” thematic “Innovative approaches against dropping out in VET".

Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education, headed by the Ministry of National Education, is a legal authority which is responsible for the educational issues in the region. All education activities of 29.500 teachers and 571.000 students in 850 educational institutions are within our institution's scope of work. Though special priority is given to schools, our directorate takes an active part in forming education policy while implementing projects for different people involved in education including teachers, adults and adult trainers as well as education providers in general. In addition, with seminars, conferences and in-service training courses, it has  gained experience in creating training programme materials in the field of management, self-evaluation, ICT, Total Quality Management, Leadership and Democracy Education. In addition to a Head Director ,there are 10 co-directors and a staff of 260 who work in this institution.

ETIC Technical School of Image and Communication

Rua D. Luis I,6

1200-151 Lisbon



C: Mr. João Cunha

T: +35 121 394 2550


KSM - Kaunas vocational training centre of social services and construction business specialists

R. Kalantos 9. 80

82364 Kaunas



C: Mr. Tomas Vilcnskas

S: Mushkietininkas

T: +37037451434



BURSA Provincial Directorate of National Education

Yeni Hukumet Konağı A-Blok

16050 Bursa



C: Mrs. Asli OCAL

S: asli.ocal1

T: +37037451434



FI.L.S.E., is a joint-stock company, in which the majority shareholder is the Liguria Regional Government, with minor shares distributed among the four Liguria Provinces and regional capitals, the Liguria Chambers of Commerce, and the Liguria Port Authorities. As operating arm of the Regional Government for the execution of its economic and social policy, FI.L.S.E. coordinates, organizes and manages financial and professional resources in order to support the economic and social development of the Liguria territory. FI.L.S.E. supports the local development of domestic companies and in the meantime FI.L.S.E supports internationalization, promoting the competitiveness of the Liguria production network.

EfVET is a unique European-wide professional association which has been created by and for providers of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in all European countries. Its mission is to champion and enrich technical and vocational education and training through transnational co-operation by building a pan-European network of institutions and practitioners. EfVET aims to:

  • Promote quality and innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training throughout Europe.
  • Develop collaboration, mutual co-operation and sharing of good practice.
  • Give VET institutes a platform of influence in EU policy.

EfVET has over 200 members in almost all the EU member states; also members in Turkey, Canada and Russia. It is able to reach out to over 1500 VET institutions across Europe. This European network also has direct links to other European organisations including EUCIS, EVTA, EUA, Solidar, CSR, Workers Education Association (Europe) and the Youth Forum.


Via Peschiera 16

16122 Genova



C: Mr. Pietro de Martino

T: +39 3486603172



EfVET - European Forum for Vocational Education and Training

Rue d'Arlon

B-1000 Brussels



C: Ms. Valentina Chanina

S: valentina672520

T: +44 1761 433161