Developing talents & prevent student drop-outs

Diminish the number of drop-outs

The Dutch model & basis of Supreme-mentoring

The Supreme mission is to develop the talents of young people and to support them in their career, studies and/or private life, in order to prevent student dropouts in vocational education.

The project will diminish the number of drop-outs in vocational education by developing a mentoring program that:

  • Develops the talents of vocational college students by connecting them to citizens with experience in life, study and work.
  • Provides hands-on support to students with special needs by helping them to make their important decisions in career choice and promote their integration into the world of work.
  • Confronts the lack of cooperation between vocational colleges  and SMEs and strengthens the relation between them.
  • Integrates the working life into vocational education.

Following up on the Supreme mission, the Supreme Mentoring Programme will be developed, originating from the Dutch innovative and award winning mentoring method Mentor Programma Friesland (MPF).


The Supreme Mentoring Programme adopts the direct mentoring approach of the Dutch MPF, optimised in close collaboration with vocational colleges from Portugal, Finland and Lithuania,  business world stakeholders from the Netherlands and Italy and a governmental institution from Turkey.