About the Supreme Project

How to run the Supreme Mentor Programme

Tools for implementing Supreme

The Supreme project addresses student drop-out issues in vocational schools by setting up a mentoring program and ensuring intensive and continuous cooperation between vocational education and SMEs. The project has an innovative approach to drop-out prevention in vocational education.


It adopts a direct, practical mentoring approach based on the innovative award winning Mentor Programma Friesland (MPF) of the vocational college Friesland College and adapts/optimises this material with best practise from all partner countries to meet EU needs.

Supreme developed a practical handbook that describes the mentor program and how to run it, how to find & bind world of work mentors and how to implement it in long-term strategy. The handbook provides vocational education teachers, tutors and managers with the know-how and the necessary abilities to set up and run the mentor program, and to integrate this in the culture and strategy of the stakeholders.

The Supreme manual is now available. Read it online or download as PDF.

To ensure practical applicability, several tools have been developed to promote and implement the Supreme Mentoring Programme. This section contains Work-tools, especially made to facilitate the implementation of the Supreme Mentoring Programme in a vocational college. Also check out the promo tools to inspire students, schools, the world of work and society for mentoring.


Download the tools here.